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CO₂ cylinders

CHF 79.90
(excl. 40 CHF deposit fee)
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Included in delivery
CO₂ cylinders with a commercially available thread. One cylinder can carbonate up to 60 liters of water.
4x CO₂ cylinder
We ship the CO2 cylinders once a week on Wednesdays. Orders placed by 4:00 PM on Tuesday can be shipped the following day.
The purchase cylinders are more expensive than the replacement cylinders because the price includes a deposit fee. Please keep the shipping box so that you can use it to return the empty purchase cylinders to us in exchange for new replacement cylinders. If you order replacement cylinder, you will receive a return label for the empty cylinders by email.

If you have already ordered 4 cylinders from us, then use the shipping box and the enclosed return shipping sticker to return the 4 empty cylinders to us after ordering the exchange cylinders. As soon as we receive the cylinders, we will deliver the new cylinders to your home.

Up to 60 litres.

"TR21x4". A standard that is also known from other water carbonators.

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spark set

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CO₂ cylinders

CHF 79.90
Pre-order can be canceled until delivery.
Free shipping from 99 Euro/CHF order value.
Duty-free delivery to all countries.
We deliver them to your home quickly and reliably.
CO₂ cylinder. Convenient delivery.
Sustainable beverage consumption.
No plastic bottles but local water sources.
Conventional CO₂ cylinders fit into the refill station.
15-20 cents per litre of sparkling water

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