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Dir fehlen nur noch CHF 100.00 zum kostenlosen Versand!

CO2 cylinders

CHF 89.90

We anticipate to ship the product this year. Subject to change.

Purchase cylinders: The purchase cylinders are more expensive than the replacement cylinders because they include a deposit fee. Please keep the shipping box such that you can use it to return the empty purchase cylinders for new replacement cylinders. We will send you a return label together with the purchase cylinders.

Replacement cylinders: If you've already ordered 4 purchase cylinders from us, then use the shipping box and the enclosed return label to return the 4 empty purchase cylinders to us after ordering the replacement cylinders. As soon as we receive the cylinders, we will deliver the new cylinders to your home.

Thread type "TR 21x4": Standard type, which is also known from other soda makers.


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