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10 hiking routes with drinking fountains

10 Wanderrouten mit Trinkbrunnen

Spectacular summit ascents, picturesque river and lake landscapes, and significant landmarks – hiking in Central Europe is diverse. Whether it's a challenging mountain hike or a leisurely family outing in nature, certain things are indispensable for every hike. Alongside appropriate clothing and a phone for emergencies, having enough fluids is crucial. Especially on longer hikes, it's important to drink enough to compensate for the fluid loss from physical activity. However, carrying multiple heavy water bottles is not always ideal. In such cases, it's practical to be able to refill your bottle directly at a drinking fountain during the hike. In this article, we present ten of the most beautiful hiking routes with drinking fountains in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Hikes with drinking fountains in Germany

Lake Constance circular path

At the foot of the Alps, always with a view of the shimmering water of the third-largest lake in Europe, the Lake Constance Circular Path runs. Covering a total of 274 kilometers, hikers can explore charming villages and cities with a Mediterranean flair, impressive castles, and culturally significant sites. The eleven individual daily stages can be customized according to preference. Due to its low difficulty level, this hike is suitable for both beginners and families. Drinking fountains for quenching your thirst are scattered along the entire Lake Constance shore. Through the "Trinkwasser unterwegs" website, hikers can quickly find a fountain near them.

Hiking Grunewald Forest, Berlin

Germany's capital is not just a metropolis, as the Grunewald Forest gladly demonstrates to visitors. Six different routes with varying lengths and difficulty levels lead through the recreational area in Berlin. On picturesque paths through the forest, hikers cover up to 110 meters in altitude. Idyllic views of the Havel, Lanke, and smaller lakes frequently reveal themselves. Thirsty hikers can replenish their water supplies at Ökowerk Berlin, the Grunewald forest house Alte Saubucht, and in the adjacent Wilhelmstadt.

Wisper Trails and Kneipp Tours in the Taunus

The 16 Wisper Trails in the Taunus offer plenty to discover. From World Heritage vineyards and spectacular views over the Rhine to vast fields and forests along the Wisper, there is something for every hiking taste. Hikers can replenish their supplies at restaurants and wineries along the routes before continuing through the picturesque landscape of the Taunus. The Broschüre brochure of the Wisper Trails provides a good overview of the different routes.

For those who prefer a more leisurely pace, one can also take one of the two Kneipp Tours lasting 30 minutes or an hour. These tours lead to Kneipp facilities such as the Kneipp barefoot path, Kneipp medicinal plant garden, Kneipp arm immersion basin, as well as the Bad Schwalbach drinking fountain with iron-rich healing water, the bee house, and much more, offering a true experience for Kneipp enthusiasts.

The Camino de Santiago from Coburg to Nuremberg

This segment of the pilgrimage route covers 173 kilometers from Almerswind on the Thuringian-Bavarian border through Upper Franconia to Nuremberg. Following the scallop shell or the yellow arrow, hikers traverse deep forests with small streams and rivers. Chapels and basilicas along the way provide places for pilgrims to rest and hold devotions. In quaint Upper Franconian villages and old towns traversed on the journey, there are also opportunities to replenish water supplies or indulge in a piece of cake at a drinking fountain. In eight stages, hikers can enjoy the beauty of Upper Franconia.

Via Baltica from Swinoujscie to Bremen

A must for northern enthusiasts: On the 24 stages of the Camino de Santiago route along the Baltic Sea, hikers can expect breathtaking views of the sea and coastal landscapes. The journey takes them through idyllic villages and historically significant Hanseatic cities. The 600 kilometers of the route can be divided into day trips, suitable for beginners and families or covered as a multi-day hike by advanced hikers. Along the way, numerous drinking fountains and opportunities for refreshment ensure that hikers need not worry about provisions.

Hikes with drinking fountains in Switzerland

Four Lakes Hike from Melchsee-Frutt to Engelberg

Experienced hikers cover more than 600 meters in altitude on the Four Lakes Hike. zurück. The fantastic mountain world around the mighty Titlis, the unique flora, deep blue mountain lakes, and breathtaking views of the Central Swiss Alps are just some of the highlights on the route from Melchsee-Frutt to Engelberg. At a stopover at Tannalp or Engstlenalp, hikers can replenish their water supplies before starting the ascent to Jochpass. On the other side, the picturesque Trübsee awaits, rewarding hikers with spectacular views for the effort of the climb.

Thurweg along the Thur River

The Thurweg follows the river of the same name for a total of 160 kilometers from its source at Säntis through the diverse landscapes of Toggenburg, into the expanses of the Thur Valley, and finally into the Zurich wine country, where it eventually flows into the Rhine. The route is divided into eight stages and can be walked as a multi-day hike or individual sections, depending on preference. Drinking fountains can be found in all the towns along the way and can be located through the websites of the respective water utilities, such as here for example in Wattwil.

Hike around Lake Seealpsee

A hike starting in Wasserauen that should provide enjoyment for hiking enthusiasts with its 800 meters in altitude. Through the mountains, the trail leads to the turquoise-blue Lake Seealpsee, offering one breathtaking view after another during its circumnavigation. Subsequently, the path ascends to the mountain guesthouse Äscher, where water supplies can be replenished, and a snack can be enjoyed. After a detour into the Wildkirchli Altar Cave, the trail leads up to Ebenalp, where exhausted hikers can enjoy a rest. The route details and all information can be found on Komoot.

Hikes with drinking fountains in Austria

Vienna Pilgrimage Trail

The Vienna Pilgrimage Trail, also known as Via Sacra, stretches over 120 kilometers from Vienna to Mariazell. The route, lined with chapels and culturally significant churches, can be completed in four to six daily stages. Those who only want to walk a section can easily switch to the Mariazell bus. Thirsty hikers will find many stations with drinking fountains, such as the Pilgrim Fountain in Kaumberg's marketplace or the Ulrichsbrunnen. All drinking fountains and other supply stations along the stages of the pilgrimage trail can be viewed directly on the trail's website.

Waterfall Path in Stilluptal

In one of the most beautiful hiking regions in Austria, the Zillertal, there is a 15-kilometer refreshing hiking trail for the whole family. The newly created waterfall path offers a welcome change, especially on hot summer days. From the Gasthaus Wasserfall to the Grüne Wand Hütte, the path crosses romantic wild currents several times, leads past picturesque alpine pastures and offers a new perspective on the beauties of the Stillup Valley. At the various huts, hikers can also fill their bottles with drinking water and take a breath.

No matter whether you are a beginner or a hiking professional, a family or a group of friends – the various tours offer hiking fun for every taste. Have you already planned your next hike?





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